Anderson High School
Ashley Brandimarte
Freshman Girls
Fun Fact: 

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Mills Hullender
Freshman Girls
Fun Fact: 

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Josh Prim
Freshman Guys
Fun Fact: 

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Tex Fry
Freshman Guys
Work: Main Street Hub
Fun Fact: Africa by Toto is my go to karaoke song​.

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​​ Lauren Stewman
Sophomore Girls
Fun Fact:

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Morgan Todd
Sophomore Girls
Work: Young Life Staff Associate
Fun Fact: Ten times out of ten, I will gasp when I see a dog.

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Adair Odom
Sophomore Girls
Major: Journalism & Public Relations
Fun Fact: When I was four my mom and I saw Justin Timberlake in an elevator at Disney World and he said I was cute.

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Bryant Smith
Sophomore Guys
Work: Dell
Fun Fact: I've never met a sandwich I didn't like.

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Natalie Boverman.jpg

Natalie Boverman
Junior Girls

Major: Interior Architecture
Fun Fact: I'm from Portland, Oregon—I love the Pacific Northwest!

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Meghan Rue
Junior Girls
Major: Elementary Education
Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I dreamed of going to clown school.

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Jeremy Hsu
Junior Guys
Major: Public Relations with Business Foundations Certificate
Fun Fact: I grew 5 inches taller in the span of 2 months after eating Oreos and milk every night for dessert.

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Dakota Millett
Junior Guys
Major: Radio, Television, and Film
Fun Fact: I'm a level 8 half-elf Sorcerer that can talk to animals in my dungeons and dragons game.

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Claire Aven
Senior Girls
Major:  Corporate Communications w/ Business Foundations Certificate
Fun Fact: My hand always cramps when writing the letter 'W'

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Adrienne Perkins
Senior Girls

Major: Masters in Professional Accounting, Business Honors
Fun Fact: I tried out for the mime team in 7th grade, but didn't make it.

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​​Sam Kelly
Senior Guys
Major: Business Honors, Finance
Fun Fact: I was raised Jewish.

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Trey Bass
Senior Guys
Major: Plan II / Advertising
Fun Fact: I can jump 7 feet.

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