Hyde Park High School

Paige Arneson
Freshman Girls

Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I lived in Nigeria for 2 1/2 years

Danielle King
Freshman Girls

Major: Chemical Engineering 
Fun Fact: My dog has no official name

Lauren Laird
Freshman Girls

Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: The left half of my chin has been numb ever since I had my wisdom teeth taken out

Freshman Guys

Major: Economics
Fun Fact: My favorite food is cheese

Freshman Guys

Fun Fact: 

Sophomore Girls

Fun Fact:

Brett Franklin
Sophomore Guys

Major: Finance
Fun Fact:  I love landscape photography and have traveled to many countries to capture images with my father. My favorite place has been Iceland for its beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, and ice lagoons

Charlotte Amandes
Junior Girls

Major: Plan II and Petroleum Engineering
Fun Fact: My spirit animal is a bee

Grace Mueller
Junior Girls

Fun Fact:

Rey Joaquin
Junior Guys

Work: Social Factor
Fun Fact: I don't have 20/20 vision
Brandon Keaveny.jpg

Brandon Keaveny
Junior Guys

Major: Business / Finance
Fun Fact: I've won hula hoops competitions in three different countries
Alex Buford.jpg

Alex Buford
Senior Girls

Major: Education
Fun Fact: I only wear one contact

Hannah Jeter
Senior Girls

Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I get goosebumps for every emotion

Pierce Harmon
Senior Guys

Fun Fact: 


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