Hyde Park Middle School

Anna Arneson

6th Grade Girls 

Fun Fact: 

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Grace Sitzes

6th Grade Girls 

Fun Fact: 

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Benedict Anwukah
6th Grade Guys
Fun Fact: 

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Brady Anderson

7th Grade Girls 

Major: Broadcast Journalism 

Fun Fact: My spirit animal is a giraffe. 

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Cody Cade

7th Grade Guys

Major: Sports Management
Fun Fact: I caught a 20 yd touchdown pass from Peyton Manning.

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Grace Lam

8th Grade Girls

Major: Advertising
Fun Fact: I've sprained my right ankle 6 times.

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Channing Silvertooth

8th Grade Girls

Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: I was in chess club in kindergarten and beat a 5th grader at the end of the year tournament

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Chad Trim

8th Grade Guys

Major: History
Fun FactI sent my high school graduation announcement to Bush, Obama, Jimmy Fallon, and Steven Colbert, and all but Fallon sent letters back.

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