​​Murchison Middle School

Connor Zimmerman
6th Grade Girls
Fun Fact:
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Kayla Newman
6th Grade Girls
Fun Fact:

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Ethan Fuerst
6th Grade Guys
Fun Fact:
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Rachel Godwin
7th Grade Girls

Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I don't know how to ride a bike!
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Shelby Zimmerman
7th Grade Girls
Major: Medical Engineering
Fun Fact: My absolute favorite place in the world to be is Lake LBJ.

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Caleb Popelka
7th Grade Guys
Major: Medical Engineering
Fun Fact: I've been bucked off of a pony named Bucky.

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Abby Willis
8th Grade Girls
Major: Public Relations
Fun Fact: I collected snow globes when I was younger.
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Jack Bradley Vaught
8th Grade Guys
Major: Marketing
Fun Fact: My dream is to own a Cafe and coffee roastery when I graduate.

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