Wilderness Ranch
June 2-9, 2018
Wilderness trips in Creede, CO are designed to provide a unique adventure for high school students. During your time on the trail, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most amazing scenery in the country. You do not want to miss out on this incredible journey!

Who gets to go?

All students who will complete their Junior or Senior year in 2018 and have been with us to Sharptop Cove or Frontier Ranch are invited to join us June 2nd–9th at Wilderness Ranch this summer.

How Much Does it Cost?

$815—includes a $200 non-refundable deposit. 

Registration & Payment

Sign up for camp is a 2-part process. 
To secure your spot you must complete both parts: 
1st - REGISTER, then 2nd - MAKE A PAYMENT

Step 1: Register


Step 2: Pay Online

The camp fee for Wilderness Ranch is $815 (includes the deposit). To confirm your spot for camp, please submit a non-refundable $200 deposit after registering.
The remaining $615 is due no later than May 4, 2018.

Required Online Health Form &
Doctor Signature

Forms due no later than May 4, 2018.

Every camper is required to submit (1.) An online health form (2.) A copy of immunization records (3.) A Doctor's Signature Page 

To fill out this form you will need:
  1. Your child's health insurance information
  2. Your child's immunization record
  3. The camp name: Wilderness Ranch
  4. The camp dates: June 2-9
  5. When prompted.. our Home Area is TX428-The Hills
FIRST: To complete the Online Health Form:
  1. Login/Create a login on the YL Health Form site using the button below
  2. When you get to the Immunizations Section attach a scan of your immunization record (see picture)
    Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.07.34 PM.png
  3. Once you complete the online Health Form you will be prompted to print and complete the Doctor's Signature Page

SECOND To complete the Doctor Signature Page
  1. When you complete the online Health Form you will be prompted to print and complete the Doctor's Signature Page.
  2. Once the doctor has signed the form it must be faxed to the number listed on the Doctor Signature Page.
  • We can NOT send it in for you, please do NOT send it to us.
  • Note: In order for your doctor to sign, your child must have had an annual physical within one year prior to attending the camp trip or AFTER June 2, 2017.

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Phone: 214-476-8152

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